How Important Are Writing Niches?

I believe they matter!

Linda Ng
2 min readMay 8, 2022


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Like many other writers, I’ve also struggled with this dilemma. Is it important for me to niche down on my writing topics or is it ok to write about anything that comes to mind?

For example, if you only write on self-improvement, you come to make a name for yourself in this category. When people think of self improvement, they think of you. They are interested to read about what you have to say about self-improvement. That’s a good thing.

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Well, what if they want something funny or entertaining to read?

Then they will search for those stories. It’s also likely that readers will follow a writer who appears to be an authority figure on a specific topic.

If I wanted travel stories, I wouldn’t follow a writer who published stories on photography and only one or two stories on travel. I’d want to find a writer who ONLY focused on travel writing.

If I had to vote, I would agree that a focused niche is probably a good idea.

Because my mind is a constant jumble of thoughts, I feel like my focus is not specific enough. I’m trying to narrow down my niche and figure out the best categories for me.

Here is what I currently write about:

  • Travel
  • Self-Improvement
  • Mental Health / Health
  • Occasional ramblings about life
  • Productivity
  • Writing and Medium

Some of these niches overlap a bit, like productivity and self-improvement.

Do you think it’s a good idea to have a niche or if it’s ok to write about several different topics?

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